Land Relationships Super Collective



Constellations of Indigenous Land and Life

A gathering of individuals and collectives committed to decolonizing Indigenous land and futures. It will consist of three days of collaborative thinking, conversation, and imagining between and across groupings of people engaged in various kinds of public and digital pedagogies on Indigenous land and life (through MOOCs, SPOCs, Twitter, podcasts, video games and more).


May 24 will include time for self-directed small group work, followed by a workshop on bundling as a future oriented practice. On May 25, we will engage in a site visit with the Naadmaagit Ki Group here in Toronto, which “focuses on the popular restorative use of urban lands based on indigenous principles, knowledge and practices,” May 26 will include more time for inter group work, followed by closing activities. We envision this gathering as one which will make possible new types of relationships and collaborations. 


Wednesday, May 24

9:00am-12:30pm -- Breakfast & full group check-in; In-collective time

OISE, Nexus Lounge


12:30-1:30pm -- Lunch

OISE, Nexus Lounge


1:30-3:30pm -- Free time to rest & create

Anywhere you choose


3:30-4:00pm -- Coffee, tea & snacks

OISE, Nexus Lounge


4:00-8:00pm -- Bundling workshop: Basket of Stars; Dinner

OISE, Nexus Lounge

Thursday, May 25

9:30 am -- Board bus for Naadmaagit Ki Group site visit

Holiday Inn, 280 Bloor St. West


10:00 am-3:00 pm -- Naadmaagit Ki Group site visit; Lunch

Humber River


3:00 - 5:00 pm -- Rest time

Anywhere you choose


5:00 - 7:00 pm --In Collective Time



7:00 pm -- Dinner


Friday, May 26

9:00-12:30pm -- Breakfast; inter-group meeting/cross-visiting time

OISE, Nexus Lounge


12:30-1:30pm -- Lunch

OISE, Nexus Lounge


1:30 - 3:00pm-- In Collective Time



3:00 - 7:00pm -- Closing Activity



7:00pm -- Dinner

Off - Site


Invited participants are educators, podcasters, visual artists, land organizers, community organizers, Twitter thinkers, game-makers, and radio and music producers. Some have ties to universities, but many don’t.  Most of the people we are inviting are Indigenous, with the exception of non-Indigenous members of the Land Relationships Super Collective. We organized this gathering to make meaningful connections to the considerations and activations of Indigenous land and life. 

We hope that bringing together this particular wonderful, compelling group of people will be generative for everyone. As described above, our intent is to have smaller group dialogues on the first day of the event, with cross-group learning and conversations happening on the second day/evening, followed by the opportunity for meetings between groups on the third day as each group sees fit based on the conversations you’ve had.

Below you will find the groupings we have arranged because of the work you engage in. Please take some time and familiarize yourself with those you may not yet know.

PUblic Digital Indigenous Pedagogies



Deepening Knowledges MOOCs Research

  • Jan Hare
  • Jean-Paul Restoule - website

First Nations Schools’ Principals Course

  • Patricia Gaviria
  • Jean-Paul Restoule - website

Onaman Collective