The Land Relationships Super Collective

As we are imagining it, is a network of land and water-based projects. It is a contingent collaboration of autonomous efforts to decolonize and heal relationships to land.

The Land Relationships Super Collective is meant to provide a space for building mutual support and strategy sharing for organizations doing land-based work. In creating the Land Relationships Super Collective, we are actively avoiding the worst aspects of intermediary organizations.

Instead, we want to create something light, flexible and responsive--only for as long as it is needed--to support different paths toward decolonization and the rematriation of land.

We see this as an extension of our writings on decolonization, as a way to pursue the theories that have inspired us.

Our goals are to

  • Learn about efforts to relate differently to land, share practical advice, theorize together, and identify needs for resources and support, strategize on how best to find those resources and support.

  • Hold space for future planning, for the long view of resurgence and relationships to land.

  • Whenever possible, bring resources to participating members/organizations/collectives in the Super Collective.