Collaborators are encouraged to use the recordings to

  • Describe the place, relationship to that place, history of that place, future of that place

  • Describe what is happening in your work, updates, backstories, moments, passages. What is the work there, why does your work bring you to this place?

  • Make requests for support--messages out to the universe about what is needed, what is coming, what is concerning, what is growing

  • Hold space for one another, as the connections between other projects become evident, make note of them, name the linkages as you experience them


We are calling the recordings “somewhere recordings,” because they take place somewhere. Collectively they will become a set of synchronous dialogues about land efforts.


Collaborators are encouraged to make the recording while walking or (safely) driving or paddling through the place that they are talking about. The recordings are about 10-15 minutes long.